Il Re nudo, lo scrivemmo nel 2007

Calabrialibre writes to State President Napolitano

I hereby receive and publish an open letter written by Giorgio Durante, Chairman of Calabrialibre, to State President Giorgio Napolitano.
“To the Right Hon.Giorgio Napolitano,
This letter follows on from the earlier appeal, made a few months ago and signed by tens of Calabrian movements, personalities and associations, an appeal whose only effect was to draw the attention of the General Investigation and Special Operations Unit of Reggio Calabria, which, I am sure you will agree, would have better employed hunting down members of the “Ndrangheta” (Calabrian Mafia).
But what on earth did we write, other than the fact that we sought your involvement in the Calabria issue and that, as citizens of this Country, we would have liked to meet with you to tell you about those matters that, we often fear, are never brought to your attention.
Oh well, meanwhile, nothing has changed, except for the worst, and now all of you, as politicians, bear the burden of the death of a third young victim of a regional healthcare system that swallows ever-increasing amounts of resources while providing an ever-decreasing quality of service, and that witnesses the very same Governor Loiero under investigation, inter alia, for alleged fraud.
We very carefully try to avoid exploiting such a serious life drama, but some sort of tragedy was to be expected, just like the usual dynamite-laden derailment attacks organised by the institutional big-wigs at the time of the investigations into the Fortugno murder.These events should have been sufficient to cause you to act in the interests of the Citizens that you, of all people, should be representing and protecting, but which you obviously do not believe to be appropriate.
Precisely in the same way that you made yourself scarce as regards the matter of the Magistrates that are under threat from a form of degenerate politics that has become nothing more than a business, we refer here to Clementina Forleo and Luigi de Magistris, who are at the mercy of powers that be, who obviously have well-placed connections at the highest levels of the institutions.
Magistrates left on their own, just as we simple citizens have been left on our own, with no hope of a better future for our children. Politics is now even killing off hope, with the aid of all the institutions, without any exclusion.
We have taken to the trenches in an attempt to keep the flag of justice flying. It is clear that politics has abused its prerogatives and the facts are clear for all to see, or at least the information that is not yet fully under the control of the powers that be, or, as you hope, the tapped telephone conversations must remain secret, to protect who?
Perhaps the scoundrels and delinquents, we ask ourselves?
The era of regimes has passed, even for you who supported one of them in the past, not even that long ago.The era of Pravda has also passed, and information now spreads very fast without networks, in fact, even with networks.
The truth.
Even if not certified by the normal justice system, which is always slow and sometimes even subject to the political powers that be and, when uncorrupted, is clearly visible to everyone.
Please, prove us wrong on the issue of Calabria, let us know what has happened to the millions of Euro destined for development purposes, convince us that the healthcare system actually works, that the environment is unpolluted, that there is work, and that politics is ethically correct.
We citizens have already come to our own conclusions, with no haste, and have therefore been out demonstrating for some time and, just as happened in Tiananmen Square, the armoured cars contain all of the politics and the institutions, and the future of our fragile, young democracy lies within our ability to resist.
Regards.” Giorgio Durante – Chairman, Calabrialibre